Deep Foundation Pile Design

Deep foundations, or piles, are typically used for very large structures, or where unfavourable soil or groundwater conditions are encountered. A cast in place concrete pile is essentially a column that penetrates into the earth until favourable soils are encountered, or enough friction along the walls of the column is present to support the building above ground. Deep foundations are common in Calgary, and even more so in Edmonton, where soil conditions are typically not as forgiving.

E2K Engineering’s teams of engineers located in Calgary and Edmonton are experienced in both cast in place concrete piles and steel screw piles.

Do I Need Deep Foundations?

To help you determine if deep foundations are required at your site, we can look through our extensive borehole and geology database, execute a geotechnical investigation or review existing geotechnical data, and provide you with recommendations.

To request a quote for pile design, or geotechnical investigation, please don’t hesitate to send us a message.