Calgary Soil Bearing Report

A Soil Bearing Report or SBR is a document required by the City of Calgary before requesting inspections for new home construction. Similar to the Soil Bearing Certificate (required by the Alberta Building Code) the Soil Bearing Report required in Calgary can be completed quickly.

An engineer in training, under the direction and supervision of an engineer, will attend your site and review foundation drawings to determine the design bearing capacity. Then, using a pneumatic bearing probe, we will assess the soil and provide you with a stamped and signed report.

Do I Only Need A Soil Bearing Report In Calgary?

Technically, yes. The City of Calgary refers to a Soil Bearing Certificate as a Soil Bearing Report, though they are largely the same. E2K also provides this service to clients in Edmonton and Canmore. If you would like a Soil Bearing Report or Bearing Certificate, please do not hesitate to contact us.