Slope Stability Report

A slope stability report is a document required by most municipalities in Alberta when building on or near a slope of a certain specified grade. Most communities in Alberta refer to the City of Calgary or City of Edmonton specifications for these documents. At E2K, we are familiar with both Calgary and Edmonton municipal slope stability regulations, and many other smaller communities throughout Alberta.

Depending on the area and our experience in it, we may be able to provide a slope assessment with the required factor of safety with only a site visit, not requiring the drilling of any boreholes. For areas that we are not familiar with, or especially steep or unstable slopes, we would need to drill geotechnical boreholes.

Do I Need A Slope Stability Report?

Chances are if you’re building near any kind of slope, you’ll need a slope stability assessment performed by a professional geotechnical engineer. When applying for a development or building permit, the City will tell you if you need one.

Engineers employed at E2K are familiar with slope stability assessments in Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore, and all over Alberta. If you have any questions or would like to request a quote, please don’t hesitate to send us a message.