Compaction Testing

At E2K, compaction testing is performed using industry-standard nuclear densometers, affectionately referred to as “nukes”. Our teams in Calgary, Edmonton, and Canmore are outfitted with their own sets of nukes and vehicles, allowing for quick response times and satisfied clients.

E2K’s nuclear density technicians also act as knowledgable assistants to on-site personnel, providing crews with advice and recommendations when backfilling and compaction is not achieving project specifications. Variables such as the type of compaction equipment used, lift height, soil moisture, and type of soil all influence how backfilling and compaction should be performed.

How Does Nuclear Density Testing Work?

Our nukes use radiation to measure the density of backfill being used on site. We then compare the density of the soil against a theoretical maximum density value obtained through testing in our geotechnical lab. When the field density is divided by the maximum theoretical density, we get the percent compaction. Typically, 98% compaction is required on most sites but is dependant on what the site will be used for.

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