Different properties of Concrete and how to make more knowledgeable decisions based on having it tested.

Concrete testing is typically required for the construction of slabs, sidewalk, grout, and all supporting structures. All concrete testing conforms to CSA A23.1-M94 specifications. This guideline provides directions on regulating concrete testing within Canada. A standard sample includes slump measurement, temperature recording, air entrainment testing, preparation and compressive strength testing of 3 cylinders per set. […]

Bearing Capacities, What are they and are they important ?

In geotechnical engineering, foundation bearing capacity is the ability of subgrade soil to support the designed structural loads. The bearing capacity of soil is the maximum contact pressure between the concrete foundation and the soil which should not produce shear failure. Bearing capacity of a foundation is also described as the maximum load that can […]

Coronavirus Update

For information on prevention, risk, and treatment please refer to the Government of Alberta website. E2K Engineering is taking all necessary precautions in this time of uncertainty. Office staff are practicing social distancing while at the office, or are working from home. Engineering services are continuing as normal and our work is continuing uninterrupted. E2K’s […]

An E2K Engineered designed custom retaining wall built in Calgary Alberta

How We Help: Custom Retaining Walls

Building a new retaining wall or replacing an old or failing retaining wall can seem like a daunting task for homeowners. When a retaining wall becomes necessary, we can guide you through the process so you can have your backyard looking like new again, as quickly as possible. With a brand new custom retaining wall […]

7 Common Compaction Testing Questions

As a Calgary based geotechnical engineering firm that also performs a significant amount of materials and soil testing, our scope of work commonly includes compaction testing. At E2K Engineering, compaction testing is performed using industry-standard nuclear densometers by our team of qualified and professional technicians. What is Compaction Testing? In a nutshell, compaction testing is […]